Austrian Republic represented by Burghauptmannschaft Vienna

General planner:

Year of completion: 1995

Upper and lower Belvedere Refurbishment



Prinz Eugen-Straße 27,


The remodelling of the Belvedere Palace made it possible to create a modern museum in Vienna in which the world-famous treasures of the Österreichische Galerie could be suitably displayed.

The concept for the adaptation of the Upper and Lower Belvedere was developed in a study by architect Sepp Frank and John Sailer. The enlargement of the exhibition space in the Upper Belvedere was achieved by relocating the administrative departments to newly adapted areas of the Lower Belvedere. By opening up an originally existing alcove in the central wall of the eastern ground floor, it was possible to create a passageway to the rooms to the south. A new ramp to compensate for the difference in level creates an engaging feature and opens up a tour of the ground-floor exhibition rooms. All entrances and circulation routes are designed in such a way that existing niches can be used to display exhibits, thereby creating the atmosphere of a flexible and vibrant museum.