Everything from one source

We plan buildings for people. From the first idea to the finished office building – as an architect, general planner or total planner.

From the development study for the purchase of a plot of land to competitions and turnkey residential buildings, we accompany projects of different scales – both in new construction and in the sensitive treatment of existing buildings through renovation, revitalization and expansion.


We draw on decades of experience and professional expertise in both design and implementation planning.  We know how designs are actually executed and place a high value on design competence within the framework of technical, economic and legal possibilities.

This makes us a reliable partner for clients in all planning phases.

General Planning

As a general planner, we bundle in the entire planning process encompassed in a project from concept to completion, comprising architecture, structural engineering, building physics, technical building equipment and special planning.

Depending on the project assignment, the general planning team consults the most competent and experienced specialist planners. Well-rehearsed and reliable planning teams take part in an interdisciplinary work process, dedicating themselves to topics ranging from planning to costs and deadlines – in order to achieve the project goal in the shortest possible time.

The advantage of general planning for clients lies not only in a single civil engineering contract. A central contact person within the planning team facilitates communication across all planning topics thus reducing the error susceptibility.

As general planners, we are experienced in the execution of projects of various sizes and complexities, spanning from kindergartens and schools to laboratory buildings and hospitals to residential and office buildings.


Our projects are to a great extent the result of architectural competitions. Numerous competition wins in the areas of educational construction, health and laboratory construction, residential and office construction, as well as in restoration and monument preservation, attest to the diversity of our design expertise.

Project Development

We create innovative contributions in an urban context.

This includes accompanying our clients from the initial idea onwards and examining projects for their feasibility and properties for their usability under construction law. By comparing the various development options, we ensure that the best possible architectural, functional and cost-effective solution is found. Furthermore, we develop project-related basis for zoning procedures.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Digital transformation has also altered architectural practice. This is partly due to the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM as a digital planning method has become indispensable in architecture and offers significant optimisation potential for clients and planners alike. We work with BIM as the tool for optimising processes.

The cooperation with specialist planners offers integral planning in a shared three-dimensional BIM coordination model. Planning and construction progress using the BIM method is visible in the form of a digital twin that can be accessed by all participants thus enabling a transparent exchange of information.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The use of virtual reality makes it possible to immerse oneself in a virtual three-dimensional environment and explore it interactively. As a result, a more realistic perception of the final project is created and experiencing the projects spatially long before they are built is enabled.

The possibility of a realistic walk-through in the planning phase is a significant advantage, as various scenarios can be digitally tested in advance by all those involved in the construction. Experiencing the project spatially and to scale helps to avoid misunderstandings, facilitates decision-making and provides assurance that the end result will meet the requirements and wishes of the future users.

Quality Management

As an ISO-9001 accredited company, F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH possesses audited and certified flowcharts, checklists and work routines for all design phases. The quality representatives in our company continuously check the procedures and processes and are constantly working towards the further development and improvement of our structures.

Quality management is based on the following key principles:

  • High-quality technical planning
  • Efficient internal communication and information forwarding
  • Systematic quality control through the “four-eyes principle”
  • Ongoing employee training concerning building regulations, building laws and standards
  • Regular analysis of process flows and utilization of optimization potentials
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation using modern tools
  • Positive error culture: constructive attitude towards errors in order to learn from them

Construction Industry


The larger and more complex a construction project, the more important the foresighted scheduling becomes. We attach great importance to schedule management in the planning process. Our expertise extends from the initial control schedule to the detailed construction schedule.


As part of the overall project management, we execute the tenders for the projects we plan. Our spectrum includes invitations to tenders in accordance with the Federal Public Procurement Act, constructive and functional invitations to tenders and invitations to tenders for general contractors as well as for individual trades.

Local construction supervision

In addition to our planning services, we can also provide the service of local construction supervision. In this case, we support the client as a representative of his interests on the construction site and manage the execution of the construction work on site.

Cost management

We see cost management as an essential factor in a holistic planning process from the beginning of project development until the building commissioning.

As a result of our many years of expertise in this area of work, we can draw on an extensive pool of cost data, which enables us to proactively implement cost control measures at an early stage of a  project.



Residential construction accounts for almost half of the total construction volume in Central Europe.
No wonder – each of us needs a roof over our heads.

F+P ARCHITEKTEN are experienced partners in all planning phases of residential construction. Affordable? Subsidized? Smart living? Or privately financed? No field of activity is foreign to us. In intensive dialog with our clients and users, we create sustainable architectural solutions that not only provide a roof over one’s head, but also become a valuable living space for the residents.

Office and Commercial

Our working world is changing – the office of the future is no longer considered just a workplace, but a living space. This calls for a reconsideration: how can the needs of employees be guaranteed and efficient processes ensured at the same time?


F+P ARCHITEKTEN have made it their goal to create sustainable working environments – away from traditional office furnishings to creative workplaces where architecture, design and functionality work together. For us, this means not only developing innovative concepts that can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of their users, but also breaking new ground in the technical equipment of our projects.


The school years are a very formative time in a child’s life, setting the course for their future. This makes it all the more important for us to support the children on this path in the best possible way.

Various ways of learning require a diverse range of spaces that allow for active and inactive learning phases, self-organized and interdisciplinary learning, as well as rest and exchange.

We design learning spaces with a friendly atmosphere as well as high acoustic comfort and plan with regard to inclusion and equal opportunities. We are particularly concerned with the inclusion of open space in the learning landscape and the creation of generous movement spaces.

Hotel and Leisure

Whether it is a vacation or a business trip – a hotel is a place of encounter. At the same time, it should be a space for relaxation and give us the feeling of a second home.

How is it possible to create such a place? How can design and construction technology be brought together from the first sketch to the hotel opening? What story is told and what is needed for Back of House?

We concern ourselves with these questions both design-wise and practically. Our many years of experience in hotel construction are demonstrated through traditional houses on Vienna’s Ringstrasse as well as current projects by young trendy brands.

Labor and Health

People and space are interconnected – but how do spaces influence health and recovery? Today we know that the environment plays a significant role in our physical and psychological well-being.

In addition to the technical requirements in the development of highly complex healthcare facilities, there is also the task of creating an architecture that follows the needs of people and supports their recovery through the improved quality. This model benefits the recovery process of the patients and improves the working conditions of the staff.

The scientifically proven interaction between the built environment and physical and psychological well-being is particularly important for the patient’s healing process.

A health-beneficial “healing architecture” that puts people at the centre and creates a calming feel-good atmosphere for patients has been proven to have a positive effect on recovery.

Laboratory buildings should enable and promote the interdisciplinary exchange of experience between researchers. With an architecture that meets the current requirements for laboratory buildings and enables interdisciplinary exchange and high flexibility of use, we are able to successfully meet the increased demands.

We have already been able to put our experience at the service of several projects in the field of healthcare and laboratory construction.

Building in existing fabric

In times of rampant soil sealing and the resulting scarcity of land, this type of projects is receiving more attention than ever. Our goal is to prevent vacancies through successful planning in this area, to contribute to the reduction of soil sealing and thus make a major contribution to social and ecological sustainability.

Every intervention in existing buildings, every new idea for the conversion of a property, every technical improvement of the substance and every measure for the redensification of a property needs to be well thought out and implemented in a high-quality manner.

Historic preservation

Working with the given and the extraordinarily high quality of our historic building fabric shows us again and again how remarkably contemporary building methods that were used more than a hundred years ago were. Some aspects such as the skilful and resource-saving use of natural building materials, the way they were processed and the often astonishingly good state of preservation inspire us in the development of new projects.

Our main focus and architectural understanding when working on listed buildings is to carefully preserve the cultural heritage left by our world-renowned architectural ancestors and, where appropriate, to boldly breathe new life into them.