EDIFICIO Bauvorbereitungs- und BauträgergesmbH

Work group
Architekt Potyka
Architekten Kurrent+Zeininger
Architekt DI Dr. Sepp Frank
Architekt Kopper – Kopper Architektur

Usable area: app. 60.000 m²

Outdoor facilities: app. 70.000 m²

University Campus Old General Hospital



Alserstraße 4/Spitalgasse 2,


Dating back to 1724 the Vienna Old General Hospital, consisting of a network of courtyards and building complexes, was in 1998 remodelled into a university campus located in the middle of the city of Vienna. The existing historically protected building fabric and tree-lined courtyards were sensitively restored and transformed to meet the requirements of various university teaching departments. Where new facilities were required they have been designed as modern clean-lined structures with steel/glass façades complementing adjoining historic fabric.

Due to the immense importance attached to the preservation of this historic structure, a large part of the existing ceiling vaults were preserved in the interior of the building. The height of the rooms was made use of by installing galleries, which create additional space and are especially beneficial for the departmental libraries.

The street-facing facades – Alserstraße and Spitalgasse – have been restored to their original appearance and new and widened entrance points have been created to make the beautiful green courtyards accessible to pedestrian traffic from surrounding streets.  The main courtyard now houses restaurants, shops, a children’s playground and a supermarket.