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Dr. Jelitzka + Partner Gesellschaft für Immobilienberatung und -verwertung GmbH


Net internal floor area: 3,762 m²

Number of apartments: 57 (including 18 Duplex)

Quarter Wiedner Hauptstraße



Wiedner Hauptstraße 140,


A new residential complex is being built at Wiedner Hauptstraße 140, which is characterized by two structures with different building characters.

The street-side structure with its urban character blends harmoniously into the cityscape. The decorative elements are now broken in the course of the staircase and continued around the corner. The central part of the façade is emphasized by a recess in the insulation level. The division of the facade, the different depths in the insulation level and the staggered design of the balcony slabs create a modern facade reminiscent of classical Viennese architecture.

The base and the roofscape stand out slightly from the facade in a light gray tone. The darker window frames and balcony railings contrast with the facade.

Entering the foyer reveals a high standard – walls unfold in light beige tones and in the staircase the lighting creates a friendly atmosphere. From the compact two-room apartment to the luxurious attic apartment, there are numerous, spatially well-structured apartments, with an urban character.
The second structure contrasts with the austere, urban character of the street-facing part of the building and unfolds into a quiet courtyard, isolated from the street. The design by F+P ARCHITEKTEN envisages maisonette units with their own gardens and loggias. Generous green spaces will be laid out, creating a quiet and relaxed residential oasis in the middle of the city.

The modern architecture features the use of photovoltaic systems, green roofs and integration into the district heating network, ensuring a combination of sustainability and efficiency.