Visualizations © Barna Bozso

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG


Net floor space: app. 32,000 m²
Gross floor area: app. 58,000 m²

Number of flats: 553

Competition 2023: 1st Prize

FLORA DORA NORA – Living in Florasdorf Nord



Koloniestraße 36-38, 44-46, 48, 52-54 / Lokomotivgasse / Johannes-Fehring-Promenade,


We were invited to take part in an ideas competition to develop a harmonious concept for the future construction of medium-sized rental flats in an up-and-coming part of Floridsdorf, where we won first place. The aim was to take particular account of urban planning, sustainability, affordability, and attractive open space planning.

The building development on the project site is divided into different building typologies: The development along the (north) eastern edge consists of U-shaped structures (“DORA”). To the (north) west, the property is bordered by three linear buildings with a central corridor (“NORA”). In the centre of the site, open to the allotment gardens to the south, seven point-blocks form a loose ring around the central “glade” (“FLORA”).

Around the “FLORA” houses, a variety of communal spaces are strung together along an “active strip” like a string of pearls – from fitness to party rooms, from laundry rooms to shared offices, they create significant added value for the residents.

The contemporary, compact design of the buildings supports a climate- and resource-oriented construction method. Due to the high repetition factor,  a large portion of the building components can be prefabricated, which reduces the construction time and the associated environmental burden caused by dust, noise, and CO2 emissions in the city.

A good neighbourhood arises from the community. An optimised path system inside the site enables short routes to the communal areas in the indoor and outdoor areas. Easily accessible stroller storage rooms, toddler playgrounds, a children’s and youth playground integrated into the central “glade”,  and the communal gardens enrich social life on the property. A variety of different flats promotes the social mix of the project.