Stadt Wien Magistratsabteilung 56 – Wiener Schulen


Gross floor area: 9.630 m²
Net floor area: 8.510 m²

Wettbewerb 2023: 1. Platz

Competition Primary School Dr.-Skala-Straße 



Dr.-Skala-Straße 43-45,


The building consists of three parts that enclose a spacious inner courtyard. The existing building along Maschkagasse (part A) will be renovated, while the two two-storey segments with an attic to the west (parts B and C) are planned as new buildings. Due to the high percentage of new construction, a high amount of prefabrication can be achieved, resulting in a brief construction time.

The compact structure allows for minimal sealing of the green space. The timber-hybrid construction method optimally combines the advantages of timber and reinforced concrete construction, creating a durable and deconstructable structure and reducing the CO2 footprint.

On the courtyard side of the existing building, a two-storey hall connects the three building parts, reducing the perceived height of the building in the courtyard and adapting it to the scale of the pupils. The U-shaped structure forms a sheltered inner courtyard, which makes up the green heart of the school. The new access via Maschkagasse gives the building a new identity.

Safe access for the arrival of pupils is provided through a traffic-calmed meeting zone in the area of the new main entrance, while a spacious, covered forecourt at the main entrance also creates a space for people to meet and linger.

The two-storey hall on the courtyard side connects different areas and includes seating stairs and a library on the upper floor. The two new building parts house five educational clusters of equal value.

The clear separation of the educational clusters in the new building and the additional functions in the existing building enables easy orientation, short distances, and equivalent classrooms. This project will create a modern and efficient educational facility that meets the needs of the pupils.