1972 Architectural practice established by
Architect DI Dr. techn. Sepp Frank, M.A.

ISO 9001 Certificate

1998 Partnership
Architekten Frank+Partner ZT GmbH

2013 the company was renamed to

Managing partners
Architect DI Elmar Danner
Architect DI Martin Schrehof

Architect Prof. DI Dr. techn. Sepp Frank, M.A.
Architect DI Andrea Frank

Architecture as a dialog of form, function and sustainability

The team F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH has the objective to create optimal economic, technical, functional and aesthetic solutions at a highly professional level in order to provide innovative contributions to the resolution of assignments in architecture and urban planning.


As an independent architecture office we respect the following principles in our daily operation:

Responsibility and Fairness
We feel committed to competence in economic life, to fairness in our behavior towards our clients, consultants and other companies involved with the projects.

We are a professional company.
Our philosophy of „client first“ helps us to optimize the fulfilment of their expectations considering the valid creative, technical, economic and legal framework conditions as well as the social and ecological requirements of our environment and is the target in our office.

Our Employees are the essential capital of our company. We want satisfied and motivated Employees, who are proud of their performance and their office. This only works in a climate of openness, confidence, collegial cooperation and greatest possible communication. It is the responsibility of our managers to secure this climate through motivation and exemplary behavior to promote education and training of the Employees.

We also remain committed to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials. We are innovative and always endeavoured to improve our services, to recognize new tasks and to expand our services.

Development and Continuation
The economical and professional success as an office target secures the development and the continuity of our company and therefore provides jobs and is a contribution to society.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
We especially pay attention to energy-efficient requirements as well as to economic targets and sustainability in the planning procedure.