An Unusual Look Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Decomissioned Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant

Feb 2024

Team Roland (& Friends) chose a rather unusual location for their team event – the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf on the Danube. A building with an extraordinary history: built between 1972 and 1978, it was only after completion that it was decided in a referendum that it should never go into operation. This unique site, a nuclear power plant without radioactive radiation and free of contamination – is used today as a destination for guided tours. In just under 2 hours, we explored all of its floors – from the reactor room and the pressure chamber to the turbine room and the control room, which has been the backdrop for many  commercials and film productions. 70s architecture at its best!

An exciting and instructive excursion thanks to the team and an excellent idea!