1st Place: Primary School Marktgasse Goes Green!

Nov 2023

We are delighted to have won the first place in the competition for the primary school on Marktgasse. The school in the 9th district will undergo a complete renovation and extension. Our concept with the new entrance on Marktgasse enables a safe arrival, and the forecourt is planned as a dwelling and a buffer zone for the pupils. The new building area below the gymnasium will house the school’s creative rooms with higher levels of noise and the school caretaker. The market square on the ground floor serves as the central point. The seating steps help integrate the split level, and generous glass surfaces allow the blending of exterior and interior spaces. On the upper floors, 2 educational clusters are planned, with 4 and 6 educational rooms, respectively. The corridors (flexi-zone) are expanded through numerous seating niches. The main staircase extends to the roof, leading to the new climate garden of approx. 300 m².