Construction site

Hawelgasse housing complex with “Cabrios”

Nov 2022

The construction site is progressing rapidly, as planned. The first bulldozers arrived in May and by the end of November the structural shell was already finished, the windows installed and the roof watertight. In the details, the small building site with its two four-storey buildings has many challenges. Numerous projections and recesses, bay windows, dormer windows, balconies and terraces result in 24 different connection details for the 119 windows alone. Several “cabriolets” are installed in the building – but for the windows. These are roof windows which fold-out so you can step out and enjoy the surroundings – just like in a convertible.
The flats are to be handed over to their new owners in August. Until then, there are still a lot of special wishes to be accomodated. lightweight internal wall construction has already begun and the last details are still being finalised. Only the outdoor facilities will have to wait a little longer – the work on the complicated landscaping will not begin until February.