New construction of bed and function wing at Kepler University Hospital

Oct 2022

The new ward and medical facilities wing of the Kepler University Hospital adds another element to a densely built-up site. The insertion of the new building between existing buildings is an advantage from a logistical point of view, but it makes the provision of suitably daylit rooms and landscaped areas a challenging task. The competition entry proposes a solution that makes this challenge the strength of the project.

Two inner courtyards bring daylight from the roof level to the first basement. This ensures that every operational area enjoys well lit rooms and corridors benfeit from a visual connection to the outside, both to the inner courtyards and directly out to the façade.

The façade with its numerous projections and recesses creates a playful, yet simultaneously clean overall appearance and thus generates spacious terraces and screened loggias as retreats on each floor. Patients, relatives and staff thus have access to outdoor relaxation areas on every level.