Visualization: ©JAMJAM

Raiffeisen WohnBau Österreich GmbH


Usable living space: approx. 3,800 m²
Number of apartments: approx. 60

Architecture competition 2017: 1st place

Competition Steingasse 11-13 “Parkside Living” Residential Complex



Steingasse 11-13,



From the Steingasse, one enters a foyer that is almost 4 meters high. A small lounge area flooded with light is situated on this intermediate level. A garbage room is integrated at the same level in the direction of the garage ramp. When passing the elevator, a direct view into the 2-story garden foyer into the park is enticing. Daylight in the stairwell creates a pleasant atmosphere on all floors. Short corridors lead to the apartments. On the street side of the lowered first floor, a sufficiently dimensioned bicycle and stroller storage room is situated with direct lighting from Steingasse. In the southwest, a ramp leads to the garage floor with the storage rooms and the necessary building services rooms.



The building should also reflect the high standard on the outside: horizontal banding as structuring elements of the floors, rear-ventilated façade elements, iridescent in sand colors, respectively The staggered balcony bands give the building a dynamic appearance and thus also enable 2-story outdoor areas, laterally integrated plant trough with trellis as privacy screen and for private “gardening” (herbs, (climbing) vegetables, climbing plants,…), “grass applications” of the balcony balustrades as privacy screens also give a hint of the park behind in the Steingasse, offset roof area.