Stift Klosterneuburg


Competition 1st place: 2018

Competition Klosterneuburg Pioneer Qarter Residential Yards E+F



Magdeburgg. 5 / Donaustr. 50-52,


The project site with a size of 74,860 m² is located in Klosterneuburg on the Danube. The Magdeburg casern located on the project site was built in the course of the 19th century – initially as a shipyard, was subsequently used as a “k. u. k. Pionierdepot” and finally as a casern. Its military use was terminated in April 2015.

With the cease of the casern, the city of Klosterneuburg had an unique opportunity to create a new socially sustainable urban quarter.  A new structure with a total gross floor area of 120,000 m² is to be built on the project site. The main focus of use will be housing with approximately 1,100 flats in various forms and structures – in accordance with the urban development model consisting of the so-called “residential courtyards” and the so-called “commercial courtyard”,

To ensure urban development, a range of commercial, retail, service, social, communal and medical infrastructures with a total gross floor area of 15,000 m² is to be created. In addition, a school campus with 8 kindergarten groups, a primary school with 12 classes and a private secondary school with 24 classes as well as a neighbourhood garage with 680 parking spaces and a service yard are to be built.