Marktgemeinde Leobersdorf


Gross floor area: 14,566 m²
Net floor space: 13,400 m²

Visualisierungen: © BOKEH

Competition Education Campus Leobersdorf





In Leobersdorf, a new educational campus (elementary school, kindergarten, nursery school, music school and library) is to be built to replace an existing outdated primary schools.

Following the existing building heights of the neighbourhood, the new educational campus will be two-storey, corresponds to the scale of the main user group and forms a gentle transition to the open fields to the east.  Due to the significantly increased noise levels, the music and sports areas are brought together in one building and separated from the quieter classrooms and kindergarten areas.

The new main building of the educational campus consists of a kindergarten and nursery school on the ground floor in two wings, connected by a two-storey, light-filled multifunctional area. Two wide staircases with seating lead schoolchildren to the elementary school on the first floor.  This upper floor consists of three interlocking squares that through projections and recesses to the ground floor create covered outdoor play areas below and green play terraces above. Large overhangs at both main entrances create a covered entry area that invites all user groups to linger in the shade and shelter from inclement weather.

The project incorporates a sustainable energy strategy that includes a highly energy efficient building envelope, passive heating/cooling measures combined with the use of sustainable technologies (energy piles, high efficiency heat pump, night ventilation, as well as PV) to create an easy to operate low-tech building with low energy consumption.