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Master Plan for Expansion IST Austria



Am Campus 1,


The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) is growing – quantitatively with more students and scientists, and through technical innovations. For this, the campus needs additional space.

The masterplan envisages a gradual increase in density along the Marbach – staggered according to the structural development plan until 2036. The future campus is divided into two areas: the western part defined by large forest-like areas (Lecture Hall II, Learning Centre and restaurant) and the open park-like western part (laboratories).

The buildings enclose a new centrally located “green centre” above the parking decks: a research city in the green. The green centre as a “science park” mediates between the laboratory and research facilities in the east and the public, communicative facilities in the west. Break areas, sports areas, an “amphitheatre” adjacent to the Lecture Hall II, restaurant terraces and other places of retreat are created. The green centre facilitates an immediate and rapid exchange between the scientists and the research fields within the campus. By setting powerful building volumes, an urban figure is developed that creates clearly defined spaces towards the campus and the landscape. The buildings at the green centre are offset from each other to allow views of the landscape from the workplaces and laboratories.