Stadt Wien, Wiener Gesundheitsverbund

Architectural service:

Square meters
Gross internal floor area: ca. 8.500 m²
External Roof area: ca. 2.400 m²
External façade area (inc. Windows): ca. 6.300 m²

Pavillon 24 Klinik Ottakring



Montleartstraße 37,


In the summer of 2021, F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH was appointed to prepare tender documents and construction information for the building envelope restoration of Pavilion 24 of the Klinik Ottakring hospital (formerly the Wilhelminenspital) a state protected heritage asset. Pavilion 24 was initially built 1841-1918 as a lupus sanatorium and was designed by the architect Otto Wagner, a central figure in the development of city planning and Jugendstil architecture.

The goal of the project was to completely renovate the outer shell. The renovation encompassed all of the external building elements, in particular the historic stucco façade, a noteworthy natural stone plinth made of Flysch sandstone, the historic traditional Viennese wooden box windows, the majority of which remain from the original time of construction, and the flat roofs, which had already been renovated several times and were over a hundred years old.