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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

General Planning
Architekten Färbergasse – Dirmayer & Zeilinger ZT OG

Net floor area: 4.970 m²
Gross floor area: 5.240 m²

Competition 2024: 1st Prize

New Building in Ranshofen District


Braunau am Inn - Ranshofen,

Lamprechtshausenerstraße 61,


The new LKR Ranshofen plant (Leichtmetall Kompetenzzentrum Ranshofen), composed of building complexes for laboratories, offices, and production areas, is located in the Braunau-Neukirchen industrial park.

The consistent design of the laboratory, office, and production areas creates a harmonious external appearance.

The varying building heights and the recessed entrance area give the building a dynamic appearance, further enhanced by the horizontal banding of the façade.

Using timber elements in the façade and glulam beams for the hall construction enables the implementation of local renewable raw materials.

A central, distinguishable staircase provides easy orientation throughout the building and short routes for all users.

The spacious office areas are divided into various office types that can be used as required. In addition to conventional workstations, meeting rooms, and focus zones for exceptionally concentrated work were planned. Communal areas for personal exchanges within the team are also provided. A spacious outdoor area integrated into each office floor greatly enhances the common areas for employees and brings daylight into the interior of the office wing.

In the south of the property, the potential expansion area for the halls and the outdoor area is directly adjacent to the planned project.