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Architectural service

Dwellings: 39
Commercial Unit: 1 ordination
Net residential floor area: 2,582m²

Housing Wiedner Hauptstraße



Wiedner Hauptstraße 56,


Opposite Café Wortner, a prominent neighbourhood landmark in the 4th district of Vienna, a new residential development with a ground floor ordination unit is constructed.

The existing 1970s office building will be demolished and rebuilt to modern requirements. Above an ordination on the ground floor, a contemporary residential building with 39 apartments and a usable living space of around 2,600 m2 will be built on 8 floors above ground level.  Nearly every apartment will have a private outdoor space as eithera loggia, balcony or terrace. To the street side the building addresses the busy Wiedner Hauptstraße street with generous windows and balconies.  In the rear courtyard is a shared garden, which includes a play area for small children, and on the roof there is a large-scale photovoltaic solar installation.

The design concept for the façade envisions a contrast between the building and its traditional surroundings.  Clear cubic forms, projecting balconies and a staggered roof storey reinforce the distinction between old and new. The ground floor zone in dark brown contrasts with the light façade above and the varying window sizes give the building an exciting character.