HDS28 Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co KG


Net residential floor area: 1.770 m²

Number of apartments: 30

Residential Complex Hetzendorferstraße



Hetzendorferstraße 28,


Two new residential buildings are being built in Hetzendorfer Straße and they will be connected to each other via a shared underground car park. The narrow site has a north-south orientation and is connected to the existing buildings in the west.

30 flats with sizes ranging from 33 m² to 84 m², will be built across 5 floors above the ground.

The complex will be accessed via Hetzendorfer Straße 28. In addition to the entrance to the building, the access to the Top 1 from staircase 1, as well as access to the waste room and the garage entrance are located directly on Hetzendorfer Straße.

The two residential buildings are each accessed via a central staircase. On each floor, between 2 and 4 flats are planned per staircase. Each flat has its own outdoor area in the form of loggias, balconies or terraces.

The façade design is divided into three areas. On the ground floor, a ventilated façade with fibre cement panels is planned on the street side. The colour scheme for the ground floor zone is characterized by medium grey. On floors 1-3 (1st + 2nd upper floors and 1st attic floor), an ETICS façade in white will be used. Railings and balustrades of the outdoor areas are clad with perforated sheeting with different perforations in iron gray. On the lower floors a lower density of perforations is planned, which increases with the rising of the floors. Window parapets are visually enhanced with louvres made of wood-based panels, window frames are in anthracite grey. The roof area is planned as a sheet metal roof in light grey.

Planters are permanently mounted in the outdoor areas and with the help of climbing aids, the residents can create a living greenery on the façade, which increases the quality of living and has a positive effect on the living climate.