Sacher Hotels Betriebsgesellschaft mbH


General planner:

Net area new: app. 4.145 m²

Hotel Sacher Vienna, Refurbishment and Extension of the top Floor



Philharmonikerstraße 4,


The general renovation of the Hotel Sacher includes the functional logistical adaptation of the hotel complex consisting of 6 existing buildings. In addition to the construction of the new attic floors, a new concept for the basic circulation into and around the hotel, the reorganisation of all supply and disposal facilities, the construction of new lift clusters, the renovation of the kitchens, the social and cloakroom facilities, the new design of the Sacher Eck with its connection to the hotel, , the design of the seminar and conference rooms above it, the new design of the Red Bar, the adaptation of hotel rooms on various other floors, the construction of a mezzanine floor above the 4th floor, which accommodates both internal facilities as well as a health club for hotel guests, were all part of the project. The project also included two roof extension floors with 40 rooms and three suites with roof terraces, as well as the renovation of the entire air-conditioning system with the refrigeration machine in the basement and the air-conditioning units and recoolers on the roof.