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Gross floor are: ca. 24.750 m²
Net floor area
: ca. 20.000 m²

Competition Renovation and Extension of the Forensic Therapy Centre in Göllersdorf



Mühlbachgasse 1,


The existing building of the forensic therapeutic center in Göllersdorf, consisting of the historic castle and the extension from the 1980s, is undergoing an extension to the north by four trapezoidal structures.

The development of an optimized trapezoidal residential group module offers its residents cells of equal quality on the one hand and spacious, well-lit communal areas on the other. The design strengthens the residents’ sense of community and well-being and gives them a feeling of security.

On the ground floor, the inmates’ shared facilities are centrally accessible along a main corridor: Kitchen, work areas, workshops, café, sales room, library, etc. All 12 residential groups are directly connected to this main corridor via the vertical access routes.

The new concept provides for an unbundling of functions and a clear division of the different areas. Short distances, easy orientation, and the separation of the different utilization groups are clearly in the foreground. The coherent structure of the floor plan provides positive support for both the multi-professional team and the inmates as they progress through therapy.

The numerous open spaces at the Göllersdorf forensic therapeutic institution are adapted to the specific needs of the neighboring functions and support the inmates’ healing process. All areas are easily accessible, clearly laid out, and barrier-free.

The neighboring existing building from the 1980s is also undergoing renovation.