@ Barna Bozso

Winegg Realitäten GmbH

Gross floor area: 11.500 m²
Net floor area: 7.700 m²

Competition Oasis in the Werndlgasse



Werndlgasse 3-10,


With its four courtyards, the largely south-facing structure forms a compact yet dynamic residential building.

The small distance to the neighboring buildings results in a close interlocking between the properties. By horizontally stepping down the floor plans towards the south, the depth of the tracts at the ends of the buildings is reduced, and the interlocking of the open spaces is optimized. The courtyards open up to the south thus offering high-quality open spaces for all flats. In this way, the visual relationships and long-distance views are significantly improved.

The number of north-facing flats is reduced to a minimum.

The open space distinguishes itself through a low degree of sealing, generous tree planting, façade greening, private gardens, open spaces for a kindergarten, and open space play areas. Covered outdoor areas for residents and the kindergarten are laid out in the south (dedicated arcade), providing a great added value for the neighborhood given the increasingly high temperatures in the city.

The quality of the OASE WERNDLGASSE is immensely enhanced by the horizontal and vertical stepping of the building volumes. The ensemble captivates with its many open spaces and the interlocking of the open spaces with the structures on the south side.