WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH (Stadt Wien)


Gross floor area: 3.760 m²
Net floor area: 3.120 m²

Competition 2023: 1st Prize

Competition General Renovation Primary School Marktgasse 



Marktgasse 31-35,


The primary school on Marktgasse is undergoing a complete renovation and extension. The building will be equipped according to the latest technical standards and will offer the possibility of school daycare once the renovation is complete.



The new entrance on Marktgasse enables a safe arrival and the forecourt is planned as a dwelling and a buffer zone for the pupils. The creative rooms which are characterized by higher levels of noise and the school caretaker are housed in the new building area below the gymnasium. The market square on the ground floor serves as a central point. The seating steps help integrate the split level and generous glass surfaces allow the blending of exterior and interior spaces. On the upper floors, 2 educational clusters are planned with 4 and 6 educational rooms respectively. The corridors (flexi-zone) are expanded through numerous seating niches. The main staircase extends to the roof, leading to the new climate garden of approx. 300 m².



The spacious multifunctional area on the ground floor is the heart of the school. The split level is integrated and partially equipped with seating steps. The adjoining library, as well as the group rooms, can be opened up to broaden the utilizable area.

The corridors on the upper floors are expanded through numerous seating niches and serve as a replacement for the multifunctional spaces. The niches are highlighted by color accents, the corridors are lit at both “ends”, creating a bright and friendly atmosphere for the pupils.



The courtyard-oriented outdoor space with an area of approx. 550 m² is being redesigned as an area with various themed islands. Pupils can use and experience a multipurpose open space with different qualities (activity areas, mobility zones, retreat islands, etc.).

The extended main staircase serves as access to the new climate laboratory on the roof of the gymnasium with wind and rainwater measuring devices, plant beds and much more. This new open space of approx. 300 m² is intended to familiarise the children with this important topic in a playful way.