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Awarding authority
Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund

Bidding Consortium
Architekt Podsedensek ZT GmbH

Competition – general planning for the construction of a research building



Währinger Gürtel 18-20,


The fundamental urban design idea is based on geometrically clear building volumes, which follow the access direction from Lazarettgasse. The southern access is provided by a forecourt formed by the projecting head section of the laboratory building. It distracts from small-scale building structures and provides the access orientation in the north-south direction. The tall StartUPTower of the TTC is separated from the laboratory building structure by a joint set back on the base buildings – reflecting the functional separation inside – and represents a ‘landmark’ on Lazarettgasse.

The representative, public main access as well as the access to the StartUPTower TTC made possible in the final construction via the existing park or the accompanying street from Lazarettgasse in the south.

The research building is horizontally divided into 4 bands:

– The OFFICE-BAND with bright, flexible office spaces, interrupted by shared, room-high glazed areas.

– The CANYON-BAND as an identifying spine: walkways, internal staircases, meeting points and panoramic lifts link the functions and ensure a stimulating atmosphere, facilitating orientation in the building.

– The INFRA-BAND is the ” service” spine, in which the access and supply areas are located.

– The LAB-BAND: using regular, arranged supports for vertical load transfer, all laboratory typologies can be clearly arranged and later adapted.

– The TOWER complements the bands in a separate construction phase. Due to its significance, it forms the optimal basis for start-up offices, a close connection with the CPM and the CTMT are possible and desirable.