Stadtgemeinde Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel


Competition 2016

Competition Elementary School Wolkersdorf


Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel,

Kirschenallee 2,


This competition for a new primary school in the Lower Austrian town of Wolkerdorf proposes a square floor plan with a compact volume and generously proportioned atria optimised for a modern cluster school. The atria ensure a variety of vistas throughout the building and bring natural light into the interior of the deep building volume. A spacious assembly hall with views to the outside overlooked by an all-round gallery forms the core of the primary school. All cluster group break-out spaces have their own outdoor areas and all classrooms have a view to the outside. The compact three-storey building form keeps internal routes short and the smaller building footprint frees up more external space around the school building which can be maximised for best education and recreation use.

The primary school is connected to the existing town sports centre by means of a connecting corridor where an existing staggered half-storey upper floor is filled out with a new gymnastics facility and a ball games court. The sports facility therefore enjoys an increased range of sport offerings which in turn enhances its appeal for external rentals.