Visualizations: (c) Schreiner Kastler

Awarding authority/client
WBV GFW (Wohnbauvereinigung GFW Gemeinnützige GmbH) bzw.
Mischek ZT GesmbH


Number of apartments: 72

Property developer competition 2017: 1st place

Competition Quarter “Am Seebogen” Aspern Seestadt




Seestadt is one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. By the 2030s, living space for more than 25,000 people and over 20,000 jobs and training places will be created on the north-eastern edge of Vienna.

This project on development plot G5B comprises 75 subsidised rental apartments, a generous communal roof terrace and a children’s playground. The building is distinguished by its architectural design: The building appears to float above a recessed, two-storey plinth, thus giving space to a variety of accommodation such as apartments and workplaces, start-ups and studios.

Special emphasis is placed on the construction of a sustainable and ecological low-pollutant interior. All building products used were tested by product management prior to construction and monitored on site during the construction phase. Finally, indoor air measurements document the successful performance of the project. The contemporary urban gardening trend inspired the design of the communal roof terraced designed around raised flower and vegetable beds.