Ready for new residents

Dec 2023

We are delighted to report that the completion notice for our residential building in Wiedner Hauptstraße 56 has been submitted to the authorities, and the first flats will be handed over to their new owners in December.
The modern residential building consists of 39 flats with a usable living space of around 2,600 m2 and a doctor’s office on the ground floor. Each flat includes outdoor spaces such as loggias, balconies, or terraces.

To emphasize the contrast with the adjacent buildings, the residential building features clear cubic forms. The backward shifting of the top floor differentiates both the façade and the roof shape from the neighboring buildings. As a result of this design maneuver, the new residential building, with its cubic façade and the staggering, appears as a separate, independent unit that, at the same time, blends in well with the urban ensemble. The material and color of the plinth area support the contrast between “new” and “old” and give the building the desired appearance.

In the rear courtyard, there is a communal garden with a playground for small children, while the roof of the building features a large-scale photovoltaic system.