AHA Austrian Healthcare Architects – three offices in new alliance

Apr 2023

F+P ARCHITEKTEN, SWAP Architektur and Architects Collective launch the AHA project alliance.

Three architecture firms form an alliance for the acquisition of planning commissions for the realisation of healthcare buildings: The AHA Austrian Healthcare Architects project consortium, which merged in 2022, consists of the offices Architects Collective, F+P ARCHITEKTEN and SWAP Architektur in equal parts and in alphabetical order. The offices have already worked together successfully in the past on various projects and competitions in other constellations and were involved in the planning of healthcare buildings such as the Floridsdorf Clinic or the Klagenfurt Clinic. As AHA, they are now also pooling their professional expertise across projects, forming new synergies and establishing a new healthcare architecture brand. The aim is to meet the highly complex and constantly growing demands on the architecture of healthcare facilities in the best possible way and according to the design premises of Healing Architecture in line with the needs of people – staff, patients and relatives – in the healthcare sector.