Building site

Leben am Langen Felde

Aug 2022

Things are slowly getting serious at Langes Felde. Completion is scheduled for mid-May and the first flats will be occupied as early as the beginning of June. That’s why work is going on in all corners. While the last details are being added to the façade, the interior finishing work in the flats of our three components is almost complete. The garage was recently

temperatures like in a sauna as a contrast to the outside temperature at 0°C.

In the kindergarten, the installations are in the final phase. As soon as the acoustic ceiling can be closed, the floor layer will get to work. The handover to the Kinderfreunde will also take place at the end of May, and the first groups of children will be looked after from 1 July. By the end of the year at the latest, the kindergarten should be fully operational with 165 children.

For the outdoor facilities, the construction company hopes that the frosty temperatures will finally be a thing of the past so that the excavators can prepare the surfaces. For this purpose, the construction office had to be relocated recently. The children’s and youth playground for the entire Am langen Felde area will soon be built on the site of the “container castle”.